Mint Kick start plan phase 1 and 2
Mint Kick start plan phase 1 and 2

Mint Kick start plan phase 1 and 2

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WELCOME to Mint’s Kick Start Plan Phase 1 

The plan is simple in its approach, it’s targeted to anyone who wants to get healthy and make a shift in both improved nutrition and body composition in a relatively short period of time. Ketosis is the concept supporting this plan and we also incorporate time restricted eating. Both concepts are further explained in this booklet.

This kick start plan is initially for 14 days and is inclusive of a sample 7-day meal plan with recipes and info below which also includes;

- What to expect during the transition to ketosis

- The sustainable health benefits of healthy keto foods

This low carb, moderate protein & high fat way of eating will shift your metabolism to burning fat as fat is a more efficient fuel for your metabolism.


Phase 2 ( Maintenance )

This plan includes

- Recipes and meal plan.

- Kickstart foods shopping list.

- 8 week workout plan 

- Supplement guidelines. 

- Access to our exclusive  Kick start online support group.


This phase of your Kick Start plan will focus on a more balanced and functional approach for healthy eating. With this approach we will help your body to slowly move out the state of ketosis but this phase will still be low glycemic with moderate protein and high fats.

By following this protocol your body will gradually adapt to more of a maintenance based eating schedule and not be forced to stick to time constricted eating. One of the biggest benefits to this phase is that your metabolism won’t slow down and if anything it will speed up because you are feeding your body more beneficial nutrients.